Our Technologies

The mattress with pocket springs

This is the most elaborate technique in terms of springs. Each spring is individually wrapped in a bag.

This system provides great sleeping independence. It is also possible to create different comfort zones to suit different parts of the body.

In short, the pocket springs ensure great comfort and good ventilation. This system also allows multiple combinations and interesting comfort variants by placing a layer of latex, HR or viscoelastic foam on the pocket springs.

The memory foam mattress

Also called viscoelastic foam, it is a totally special foam. Unlike other foams it does not rebound (it is not resilient). It is also heat sensitive which gives it amazing properties.

It molds your body, takes its shape and supports you with equivalent forces at all points of the body. Your muscles relax, they rest, and you feel weightless.

Viscoelastic foams are generally well ventilated but can hold more heat than traditional foams. This is why high-end mattresses benefit from a ventilation system by sculpting the core as well as a high density (up to 85kg/m3).

This material is recommended for people looking for very pronounced comfort, people with back pain, blood circulation problems, etc.

The latex mattress

Available in synthetic and natural. Natural latex from rubber tree sap is necessarily an environmental commitment and an organic approach. However, he is aging badly. Indeed, the natural latex foam bar dries out, loses its elasticity and its properties deteriorate over time. On the other hand, synthetic latex enjoys similar quality but is much more stable. This guarantees you more lasting comfort.

Latex breathes quite hard. This point is improved by the presence of cells in the foam bread. This type of mattress is suitable for most adults and children because the comfort is classic and unsurprising.