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Finding the perfect mattress size is a crucial step when purchasing a bed. Often, we tend to opt for the same size mattress that we already own. However, on average we keep our mattress for around 14 years, during which time a lot can change, including our sleep preferences and lifestyle.

In this comprehensive guide, we help you choose the mattress size that best suits your needs and space. We review the different mattress size options available on the market, highlighting the benefits and recommendations for each size.

The importance of choosing the mattress size

The choice of mattress size should not be taken lightly, as it has a direct impact on the quality of your sleep. The wrong mattress size can lead to restless nights, discomfort, and even posture problems in the long term.

Here are the key things to consider when choosing your mattress size:

1.Your body shape

The ideal mattress size depends on your personal size and body shape. As a general rule, it is recommended to add 10 to 20 centimeters to your height to obtain the optimal mattress length. A mattress that is too short can cause discomfort during the night.

2. Your situation

Your personal situation also plays a crucial role in choosing the mattress size. Here are some common scenarios:

    • If you sleep alone, a single mattress size, such as the 90x190 cm mattress or the 90x200 cm mattress, may be sufficient. However, if you tend to move around a lot at night or prefer to have more space, consider a larger mattress size, such as the 140x190 cm mattress or the 140x200 cm mattress.
    • If you share your bed with a partner, it is essential to take that person into account when choosing mattress size. A mattress that is too narrow can cause a lack of space and disrupt your sleep. Standard mattress sizes for couples include 140x190 cm mattress, 140x200 cm mattress, 160x200 cm mattress and 180x200 cm mattress.
    • If you have children or pets who share your bed from time to time, consider a larger mattress size to accommodate everyone comfortably.

3. The size of your room

Finally, the size of your bedroom is an important factor in choosing mattress size. Make sure to leave at least 60 centimeters of space around the bed for easy movement around the room. If your bedroom is small, opt for a mattress size that fits harmoniously without overwhelming the space.

Mattress Size Options

Now that we've explored the key factors to consider, let's review the different mattress size options available on the market, with recommendations for each size.

1. 1 Person Mattress

1 person mattress 90x190 cm
  • Size : 90x190 cm
  • Description : the mattress size 90x190 cm is the standard size for a single bed. This is the smallest adult mattress size. However, this size is increasingly used for children's beds. It is perfect for standard box springs, bunk beds and small guest rooms.

Recommended for : children, single adults, people living in a studio or on a limited budget.

    2. 1 Person XL Mattress

    Single XL mattress 90x200 cm
    • Size : 90x200cm
    • Description : the 90x200 cm mattress is slightly longer than the standard model for one person. This size is suitable for tall people (over 1m80) who do not have room for a larger bed.

    Recommended for : teens, tall adults living in a studio or on a budget.

      3. 2 Person Mattress

      Standard double mattress 140x190 cm
      • Size : 140x190 cm
      • Description : the 140x190 cm mattress is the standard size for a 2-person mattress. It provides more space for a single person who likes to have space to sleep. This size is also suitable for couples who have a small bedroom. However, it may be insufficient if you are tall or if you occasionally share your bed with children and/or pets.

      Recommended for : children, teenagers, couples sleeping in a small bedroom.

        4. 2 Person XL Mattress

        Mattress for 2 people XL 140x200 cm
        • Size : 140x200 cm
        • Description : the 140x200 cm mattress is similar to the previous model, but slightly longer. It is recommended for couples with at least one person over 1m80, who do not have space for a larger bed. As with other sizes, be sure to check the availability of a matching box spring.

        Recommended for : teenagers, tall couples sleeping in a small bedroom.

          5. Queen Size

          Queen size mattress 160x200 cm
          • Size : 160x200cm
          • Description : also known as "Queen Size", the 160x200 cm mattress is ideal for couples. It provides enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably. This mattress size also promotes independence of movement, meaning you won't disturb your partner when you move around at night. The Queen Size mattress is suitable for people who have a medium or large sized bedroom. It has become the best-selling 2-person mattress size in France, even surpassing 140x190 cm.

          Recommended for : couples, with or without children and/or pets, people sleeping in a medium or large bedroom.

            6. King Size

            King size 2 person mattress 180x200 cm
            • Size : 180x200 cm
            • Description : the “King Size” or 180x200 cm mattress is the largest model on the market. Its generous size offers optimal comfort to sleepers, as well as a feeling of freedom and serenity. This spacious mattress allows for greater independence of movement, meaning you won't feel your partner's movements. It is suitable for couples, tall people, those who move around a lot during the night, as well as those with a large bedroom.

            Recommended for : Couples with children and/or pets, people sleeping in a large bedroom, tall people and/or restless people at night.

              To go further, we answer the most frequently asked questions you ask yourself:

              1. What length of mattress to choose?

              In general, it is recommended to choose a mattress 10 to 20 centimeters longer than your height for optimal comfort. So, if you are 1m80 tall, a mattress 190cm or 200cm long would be appropriate.

              2. What size mattress and box spring to choose?

              A mattress should always be the same size as the box spring to avoid any adjustment problems. For example, for a 90x200 cm bed, you must therefore opt for a 90x200 cm mattress as well.

              3. Is it possible to use two 90x200 cm mattresses with a King Size box spring?

              Yes, it is completely possible. Two 90x200 cm mattresses placed side by side are equivalent to a 180x200 cm King Size mattress. This option is commonly chosen by couples with different sleeping preferences. It is also interesting for those who wish to use an adjustable bed base. By opting for two 90x190 cm mattresses on a King Size bed base, you can use a 180x200 cm bed base or two 90x200 cm beds.

              How to know the size of your mattress?

              To measure the size of your mattress, use the exterior dimensions of the bed as a reference point. The mattress should be slightly smaller than the bed, usually 2 centimeters less in length and width, to avoid bulk.


              The choice of mattress size is essential to ensure peaceful and comfortable nights' sleep. There are many mattress size options, but the ideal size depends on your body type, personal situation, bedroom size and preferences. Take the time to measure, think about your needs and choose the size that suits you best to enjoy restful sleep night after night. A wise investment in your long-term health and well-being.

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