"BED REPUBLIC meets a requirement: that of offering all the high-end room products, jealously and exclusively guarded by luxury hotels. These days when waste and overconsumption are dictated by manufacturers, it is a need to have this superior, durable quality at home."

Louis, Director BED REPUBLIC

Résolution #1

To choose quality and durability.

Résolution #2

To provide the best possible experience to our customers. Even for the most demanding customers...

Résolution #3

Making our creations beautiful, bold... while remaining timeless and simple.

Résolution #4

To only manufacture what is ordered by our customers thanks to PRE-ORDER: each part, for you.

Résolution #5

Not to follow an industry that only looks at profits, while forgetting quality and comfort.

Résolution #6

To never forget that wanting the best is our wish but it is also yours!

the Workshop...

This is where the most beautiful pieces are made…

Each piece is made for you thanks to our PRE-ORDER system.

We attach great importance to not "making to sell": each order is unique and will be made only for you.

No stock, no intermediaries, only you, us and our workshop of 22 magicians who create your requests.

Quality avoids overconsumption

In a world increasingly concerned about environmental issues, waste management and overconsumption, at BED REPUBLIC, we refuse to reduce the quality and durability of our products!

We prefer a towel that will last over time, a mattress that will still be as comfortable year after year... to "disposable products" manufactured on the other side of the world and sold by large groups

Our history

The quest for Perfect Sleep



It's the story of 4 friends who set out in search of a mattress, a duvet and a few pillows.

Friends who love to travel, and who remember that incredible feeling felt in beautiful hotels; of these nights spent in such beautiful sheets, in such comfortable beds.

They decided they wanted the same thing, every day, in their home.

So they embarked on a long quest...

A quest that began by testing well-known brands: no, meh, not great, I don't like them.

Then, through visits to sleep specialists who know their selling points well: yeah, frankly for the price…

They even meet sellers who offer the same thing, the same product, for everyone, saying that it's not necessary to look elsewhere: but one of the friends says: "I'm corpulent, it doesn't work for me", and another says: "and I have a big bed, I need a big mattress otherwise it doesn't feel good..."

They even ventured far from their regions, into high-end boutiques belonging to powerful industrialists where the confections are worth the price of a beautiful castle in the provinces.

Nothing. The quest promises to be more complicated than expected...


Where are these famous products that we find in the beautiful rooms of luxury hotels?

As they began to despair, one of them had an idea:

“Let’s go see this workshop a few places from us, I remember seeing this place when I was little, maybe they could help us.”

Not far from their home, there was in fact a large workshop. Modest and shabby in appearance, washed by time and relocations; They knocked on his door.

The 4 friends, determined to sleep well, knocked so hard that we ended up opening it for them...

“We want to sleep well!” the friends asked an old man stationed in front of them. “You seem to have beautiful mattresses, cozy duvets and super comfortable pillows, are you the holy grail of our quest for perfect sleep?”

but then, disappointment: in a loud voice, the old manager of the workshop said:

“You cannot buy my beautiful mattresses, my warm/temperate duvets and my ergonomic pillows, they are reserved for His Majesty the famous chain of high-end hotels, I only manufacture for them”! He would have me banned from the kingdom if I sell the same items to you, intrepid young people that you are” (young people? Thank you! 30 years old but thank you!).

"What do you mean? replied the 4 friends, Why don't we also have the right to have the good mattresses in the luxury hotel like those of his majesty?"

“Why can’t we sleep just as well every day thanks to your soft pillows, Mr. Artisan Maker?”

“We are indeed a REPUBLIC, right?” (rhorhorho the pun with the brand...).

The nonchalant owner was in fact a magician of sleep, who, with his small, modest factory, had been manufacturing beautiful products for several years away from globalization; as if frozen in another time, he had little hope in these 4 madmen in search of this famous perfect sleep...

Worn out by competition from disposable, unhealthy products from the other side of the world, the magician replied:

“So you have to buy me 20 mattresses whose formula I would change, the king will not be bothered! and if you sell these 20 mattresses, you will have my gratitude and I will offer you all the most beautiful mattress.”

"But be careful! The task will not be simple, the people will not be faithful to you! because today, the big brands and big factories reign supreme and go to the other side of the world, I cannot tell you propose that... QUALITY!

Rhoooo, a very bad word that the magician dared to say: QUALITY! in this era where we must overconsume, waste, pollute...

"Go for 20, bet paid! And here are the 4 friends, leaving (after having rented a van) with the precious cargo.

“But who is going to buy us all these mattresses?” between family, friends, online ads? We'll find someone who wants to sleep better..."

Not that easy.

3 months later and only 11 mattresses sold, magically one fine morning, the famous word of mouth began to spread:

“I was told that this is where you have the solution to better sleep? But what is your name, O great troublemaker of better sleep?”

and it was there, after 20 mattresses were sold (ultimately faster than expected), that the 4 friends decided to launch BED REPUBLIC! to offer the world room articles, intended exclusively for large hotels,!

There you have it, our 4 friends, initially equipping a few luxury guest houses in Europe (which they can never thank enough for trusting them). Thanks to this, they became known, little by little, to these people, these people who, like them, just wanted to sleep better.

And since then, they are:

- Became the best customer of the famous workshop. They've been talking to the magician since then, he's actually nice (and not so old now that we know his age).

- They got the great mattress promised by the magician: in fact, it's for sale on the site (and it's great).

- They are always stubborn about sleeping well and better. Every day they say the ugly word "Quality", made in Europe only (Made in France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Poland).

- They love to travel, but not to buy products on the other side of the planet.

- They still love large hotels and luxury hotels, especially their items: to wear them every day, in your home, in our home, in your home...

- They still hope today that this story (tinged with a little fantasy) is only just beginning...

We therefore invite you to join them in this quest for Perfect Sleep!

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