Matelas mousse mémoire de forme Haute Densité H25

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Mattress :
Simple and timeless UNO mattress – this mattress is the ultimate all-purpose model! With a total thickness of 20 cm, the UNO mattress is timeless, a basic, a recipe that has worked for years!
Do you look at the price first? yes it's not bad: How did we manage to offer it at this price? we wanted a mattress designed as a basic and simple model, white and without any frills of decoration, without a little teddy bear logo or goddess name, and without the marketing photos with the latest fashionable model... but with everything that is necessary to make a good mattress. We especially focused on the quality and traceability of the materials used, just to have a GOOD MATTRESS, quite simply…

Priority is given to your health and well-being: This is why the UNO 20cm mattress is certified by the Oeko-tex® and CertiPur certified labels, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances. You can sleep with peace of mind, knowing that your mattress meets the highest standards of safety and ecology. The materials and manufacturing are made in Europe (Spain or Portugal), allowing traceability of the components (which is not the case for many products coming from outside Europe, doubtful and without control...).
And not to mention the range of standard protection that the mattress is equipped with: Anti-mite, Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic... in short, look at the technical sheet otherwise we're there until tonight!

Then design level; This mattress is made of high quality FormaSupport 25kg polyurethane foam. High resilience, which guarantees exceptional durability over time. This latest generation polyurethane foam core, manufactured in Portugal in the most advanced foam factories, allows better air circulation for better temperature regulation.
What we wanted to avoid was a soft mattress, into which we sink; sorry for those who like marshmallow mattresses, please move along! The UNO mattress offers FIRM support - much better for your health -: be careful, it's not a board either! we don't forget comfort thanks to the adoption of two layers of Nuage Extrasoft Crystalcloud of 1.5cm on each side, to make the mattress pleasant to the welcome, comfortable and tonic.
Everything offers BALANCED - FIRM comfort: to guide the body well during sleep, to relieve pressure areas and offer optimal support.
This mattress offers you a tonic welcome by gradually adapting to all parts of the body for perfect FIRM support of the spine; With use, you will notice an improvement in support for the head, shoulders, back, pelvis and thighs.
We haven't invented anything in fact, we've just taken what has worked for decades: this will help relieve pressure and tension points, for less restless sleep and optimal recovery upon waking.

And finally, on the fabric side. It's sturdy and high-quality, with the use of 160gr/m2 Stretch fabric for the so-called winter side A, and a 250gr/m2 anti-humidity Mesh 3D technical fabric for the so-called summer side B. Designed with high standards of quality with a range of certifications (which mattresses from outside Europe do not have), the mattress uses white, safe, breathable and pleasant fabrics, which will be easy to maintain.
The Winter Face has a soft, hypoallergenic ticking which provides a perfect fit and a great feeling of comfort, optimized by a filling of silicone hollow fibers for greater comfort.
Side B was made of 3D fabric, open anti-humidity structure: fabrics used on technical sports clothing, which promotes air circulation and prevents heat build-up.

The outcome? A mattress suitable for everyone, whatever their body shape: a good and durable basic mattress, timeless and produced in tens of thousands of copies of which 98.9% of customers are satisfied, without a photo with a desirable model on it (Sorry)....
Offering one of the best quality/durability/price ratios on the market; this mattress will serve as your main mattress, as a mattress for a child's bedroom, guest room, rental/Airbnb, secondary residence; for you, your children, your friends, your family, your guests...

With the UNO 20cm mattress, it's the intelligent choice because as the adage goes: "there's less expensive... that's for sure!?... but it will be much less good (or rather less safe for your health) !”
Its innovative and simple design, its versatility and its proven quality make it an essential choice for an optimal sleeping experience.


Thickness: 20 cm - The height is given in the center with +/- 2cm on the side, subject to conditions of 30 days of recovery of its initial shape following opening.
Mattress core:
1.5 cm Cloud Extrasoft Crystalcloud foam
17 cm foam core 25kg/m3 HR ErgoBody 25
1.5 cm Cloud Extrasoft Crystalcloud foam

Comfort zones: 5 comfort zones.
Sleeping independence.
Double sided: to air your mattress every 6 months, both sides are tempered, suitable for both seasons, with one side slightly firmer.

Comfort: mattress with FIRM/VERY FIRM comfort.
Home Tonic
Firm Support

Durable, solid and proven design through the use of quality materials, while maintaining an excellent quality/strength/price ratio.
Traceability of all materials manufactured in Europe (no import outside Europe).
Dry washable at a hygienic temperature of 40°C for optimal cleanliness.

Ticking Fabrics: Breathable fabric with protection.
Side A: Silent Stretch 160gr/m2 - 100% PES with quilting composed of 63% satin polyester and 37% protective nylon. Fabrics with a satin look and feel.
Side B: Technical fabrics type 3D 250gr/m2 - anti-perspiration fabrics with anti-humidity mesh: 100% breathable.

Face A winter type: Soft, hypoallergenic ticking in Stretch fabric treated with anti-bacterial and anti-mite properties which provides a perfect welcome and a great feeling of comfort optimized by a filling of silicone hollow fibers for greater comfort.
Shape memory technology alleviates pressure points and reduces tension points for optimal recovery when you wake up.
The latest generation dual-density polyurethane foam core allows better air circulation for better temperature regulation.
This foam offers you an enveloping welcome by gradually adapting to all parts of the body for perfect support of the spine.
Guarantees you firm comfort, which improves support for the head, shoulders, back, pelvis and thighs.
Side B summer type: in 3D fabric, open structure which promotes air circulation and prevents heat build-up.

Treated stretch fabric offers a great feeling of comfort optimized by a filling of silicone hollow fibers for greater flexibility.

Treatment: Sanitized anti-mite, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, antistatic.
Anti-odor and mold treatment - Oekotex, AITEX & Certipur label: Absence of products harmful to health and the environment in the fabrics and foams used.
Without products harmful to the ozone layer.
No mercury or heavy metals
Free of formaldehydes and phthalates
Optimal protection against bedbugs: anti-pest treated fabric will not be an optimal installation environment (subject to correct maintenance of your bedding and its environment).

Optimal support:
Modular design with specific modules for each part of your body.
Relieves pressure areas and adapts to all sleeping positions.
Ideally holds your body for optimal support during the night.

Suitable for any type of bed, box spring beds, slatted frames.
Suitable for a maximum weight of 90kg per person when sleeping.
Rolled compressed mattress, delivered in low-emission packaging in protective recycled brown cardboard, thereby limiting the impact of transport.
The mattress must be opened immediately upon receipt within a maximum of 10 days.
Delivered without a logo, without fuss, and without an expensive marketing budget: it will be less to pay on your side... but above all to control its price and put everything into quality.
Made in Europe (Spain).

Descriptif technique
  • Accueil : Moelleux
  • Soutien : Ferme
  • Épaisseur : 25 cm, dont 21 cm de mousse alvéolaire de haute densité pour un confort particulièrement soigné
  • 3 couches de mousses différentes dont 3cm de Mousse viscoélastique à mémoire de forme à mémoire de forme et une couche de 650 micro ressorts ensachés au m²

Âme du matelas :

  • 2 cm Mousse Mémoire de forme Memory MorphoSoft Tech
  • 0,5 cm Mousse Crystalcloud
  • 2 cm Mousse Mémoire de forme Memory SOFtech
  • 1 cm Mousse HR Vitaform 28kg
  • 14 cm Mousse HR Bionic Zone 28kg
  • 4 cm Micro ressorts ensachés HybridSpring
  • 1 cm Mousse HR Ergobody 25kg
  • 0,5 cm Mousse Crystalcloud
  • Coutil : Le tissu 3D micro perforé respirant
  • Piquage : Matelassé
  • 7 zones de confort
  • Indice de fermeté : 4/5
  • Très bonne Ventilation : 4/5

S’utilise aussi sur des sommiers tapissiers ou à lattes apparentes

  • Face hiver / été : Oui
  • Traitement : Sanitized anti-acarien, anti-bactérien, hypoallergénique et anti-odeurs
  • Label Oekotex & Certipur : Absence de produits nocifs pour la santé et l'environnement dans les tissus et les mousses
  • Fabriqué en Europe
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