Matelas mousse mémoire de forme HD - PURE 30 cm

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A memory foam mattress made of high-density alveolar foam for particularly comfortable comfort. The memory foam of the PURE mattress allows precise molding of the body and thus gives you a feeling of weightlessness, guaranteeing total muscle relaxation.

The PURE mattress is intended for lovers of memory technology looking for bedding worthy of the biggest hotels. This mattress is suitable for people with back pain or joint problems.

The best of memory technology, memory foam, also called viscoelastic foam, is a totally special foam, unlike other foams it does not bounce back. Viscoelastic foam is also heat-sensitive, which gives it surprising properties. It molds your body, takes its shape and supports you with equivalent forces at all points of the body. Your muscles relax, they rest and you have a feeling of weightlessness.

This material is recommended for people looking for very pronounced comfort. Perfect back support, the PURE memory foam mattress is composed of a top layer of viscoelastic foam to wrap your body with flexibility, a layer of Nuage Extrasoft foam for excellent support for your back and a layer bottom of high resilience foam to balance the comfort of the mattress and guarantee sleeping independence, which allows you not to feel the movements of your partner.

The PURE foam mattress provides better support by better relieving the pressure points that cause restless nights and facilitates blood circulation thanks to the transcutaneous pressure points.

Anti-allergic treatment All our products are treated with anti-mite, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic treatment in order to preserve your health and guarantee the perfect hygiene of the mattress.

The PURE mattress benefits from a modern design and careful finishes resulting from close, high-end collaboration.

The + product With the 25 cm thickness of the PURE mattress, including 21 cm of high density cellular foam, this mattress will maintain sufficient firm support and will last through the years without losing any of its comfort.

Our mattresses are French designed and European manufactured, they are guaranteed for 5 years and tested for a longevity of 10 years.

Descriptif technique
  • Accueil : Moelleux
  • Soutien : Ferme
  • Épaisseur : 25 cm, dont 21 cm de mousse alvéolaire de haute densité pour un confort particulièrement soigné
  • 3 couches de mousses différentes dont 3cm de Mousse viscoélastique à mémoire de forme à mémoire de forme et une couche de 650 micro ressorts ensachés au m²

Âme du matelas :

  • 2 cm Mousse Mémoire de forme Memory MorphoSoft Tech
  • 0,5 cm Mousse Crystalcloud
  • 2 cm Mousse Mémoire de forme Memory SOFtech
  • 1 cm Mousse HR Vitaform 28kg
  • 14 cm Mousse HR Bionic Zone 28kg
  • 4 cm Micro ressorts ensachés HybridSpring
  • 1 cm Mousse HR Ergobody 25kg
  • 0,5 cm Mousse Crystalcloud
  • Coutil : Le tissu 3D micro perforé respirant
  • Piquage : Matelassé
  • 7 zones de confort
  • Indice de fermeté : 4/5
  • Très bonne Ventilation : 4/5

S’utilise aussi sur des sommiers tapissiers ou à lattes apparentes

  • Face hiver / été : Oui
  • Traitement : Sanitized anti-acarien, anti-bactérien, hypoallergénique et anti-odeurs
  • Label Oekotex & Certipur : Absence de produits nocifs pour la santé et l'environnement dans les tissus et les mousses
  • Fabriqué en Europe
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