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IMPORTANT: This product is a specially designed tailor-made product, to the dimensions you want.

Are you hesitating when choosing your mattress? What comfort to choose? Rather soft or a little firmer?

Here we have the solution with the UP & DOWN 25cm Mattress – This mattress is, by its design, a 2 in 1 mattress which has 2 sides and 2 different comforts. It's up to you... The UP & DOWN 25cm mattress offers an exceptional sleeping experience thanks to its unique characteristics: with its two different sides, you can enjoy soft comfort on side A and Firm comfort on side B .

Simply flip the mattress to adjust your firmness level according to your preferences. It will be perfect for you, regardless of your taste in comfort. The UP&DOWN 25cm mattress will offer firm support, regardless of the side/face chosen, to properly guide the body during sleep thanks to its 28kg HR Bionic foam core.

Side A: Soft welcome / Firm support.

Side B: Firm welcome / Firm support.

A real 2 in 1 that will satisfy everyone. It is suitable for everyone: the UP & DOWN 25cm mattress was designed for hotel use, suitable for different professional uses and today, can be used as your mattress, your main mattress, as a mattress for a guest room or rental /airbnb, for you, your children, your friends, your family, your hosts...

One of the remarkable characteristics of the UP & DOWN 25cm mattress is its modular design, regardless of the side and comfort chosen. It is divided into different modules designed specifically for each part of your body. So no matter what position you sleep in, the 2-in-1 mattress adapts perfectly to relieve pressure areas and provide optimal support. You can finally say goodbye to pain and tension when you wake up, and enjoy a restful sleep every night.

Designed with high quality standards, the mattress uses a technological white fabric: The breathable micro-perforated MICROCAPSULES fabric with MOLECULE A molecular protection. It is a 100% PES Silent Stretch with quilting composed of 63% satin polyester and 37% nylon protective. The fabric capsules allow better moisture evacuation thanks to a system of channels allowing the diffusion of moisture throughout the dry fibers of the fabric, for express drying; always fresh and dry, throughout your nights.

With a generous thickness of 25cm in total, the UP & DOWN 25cm mattress is made of high quality BIONIC HR polyurethane foam High resilience which guarantees exceptional durability. We care about your health and well-being. This is why the UP & DOWN 25cm mattress is certified by the OEKO-TEX and CertiPur labels, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances. You can sleep with peace of mind, knowing that your mattress meets the highest standards of safety and ecology.

Immerse yourself in superior sleep with the UP & DOWN 25cm mattress. Its innovative and simple design, versatility and exceptional quality make it an essential choice for an exceptional sleeping experience. Don't compromise your comfort and well-being, choose the UP & DOWN 25cm mattress and transform your nights into moments of pure relaxation and regeneration.

Descriptif technique
  • Accueil : Moelleux
  • Soutien : Ferme
  • Épaisseur : 25 cm, dont 21 cm de mousse alvéolaire de haute densité pour un confort particulièrement soigné
  • 3 couches de mousses différentes dont 3cm de Mousse viscoélastique à mémoire de forme à mémoire de forme et une couche de 650 micro ressorts ensachés au m²

Âme du matelas :

  • 2 cm Mousse Mémoire de forme Memory MorphoSoft Tech
  • 0,5 cm Mousse Crystalcloud
  • 2 cm Mousse Mémoire de forme Memory SOFtech
  • 1 cm Mousse HR Vitaform 28kg
  • 14 cm Mousse HR Bionic Zone 28kg
  • 4 cm Micro ressorts ensachés HybridSpring
  • 1 cm Mousse HR Ergobody 25kg
  • 0,5 cm Mousse Crystalcloud
  • Coutil : Le tissu 3D micro perforé respirant
  • Piquage : Matelassé
  • 7 zones de confort
  • Indice de fermeté : 4/5
  • Très bonne Ventilation : 4/5

S’utilise aussi sur des sommiers tapissiers ou à lattes apparentes

  • Face hiver / été : Oui
  • Traitement : Sanitized anti-acarien, anti-bactérien, hypoallergénique et anti-odeurs
  • Label Oekotex & Certipur : Absence de produits nocifs pour la santé et l'environnement dans les tissus et les mousses
  • Fabriqué en Europe
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